Niadele | Our Story
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We are a family owned and operated company. We love our mountain town in the Blue Ridges of North Carolina. We find joy in climbing boulders, frolicing in meadows and dipping our feet in mountain streams. Beauty surrounds and inspires us.


Niadele has its roots in embracing inner beauty, responding compassionately to sensitive skin, and finding empowerment and dignity through self-care. Our priority is to help our customers become self-educated and make wise, healthy choices for self-care. Our deepest desire is for others to see love reflected in that face in the mirror.
We invite you to to pause and be inspired by the beautiful moments life brings your way.


Our passion is making natural, handcrafted, high quality makeup and skincare products that are gentle on the skin.

Our products are made with the purest, natural ingredients.   We value simplicity and kindness for ourselves and our world and and use ingredients that are nutrient rich, never tested on animals, and avoid harsh chemicals and preservatives. Our mineral-based formulas are anti-inflammatory with a broad spectrum uva/uvb protection. Our loose mineral powders do not contain talc or bysmuth oxychloride.
Our makeup will enhance your skin’s natural beauty, and also nourish, hydrate, and sooth it.  Niadele products are made with love for you.